Give your kids a remarkable summer holiday...


Are you struggling to keep kids entertained during summer?


De Yin Summer Camp is an exciting adventure for 5 to 12 year old children who want to enjoy their Summer break, while making new friends, learning Chinese and experiencing Traditional Chinese activities:


  • Mandarin Lessons

  • Chinese Classical Dance

  • Chinese Chess

  • Chinese Calligraphy

  • Chinese Knot Weaving

  • Origami

  • Chinese Sewing

  • Chinese Cooking 

  • Tours of the Local Art and Cultural Institutions


At De Yin, we bring together the best of Traditional Chinese education and fun group activities, to help children develop their intelligence, confidence, and character.

Unlike most other Chinese camps & schools, we teach Traditional Chinese characters - not simplified.


Because each Traditional character is full of deep meaning and engaging stories that stimulate children's creativity, imagination, and critical thinking.

Let's take the character 聽 (ting) for example (it means 'to listen').


On the left side is an ear, and on the right side there are four characters: 十 目 一 心 put together from top to bottom, they have the following meaning: 十 ten, 目 eye, 一 one, and 心 heart.


In listening, one does not only have to use the ears; one also has to use the eyes to make eye contact and use the heart to fully understand the other person. To really listen and communicate effectively, we need to pay attention and focus. That's the meaning.

We have 2 programmes this Summer:

1) London, Islington, 23 - 27 July

2) Cambridge, 1 - 10 August

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