Courses are designed to motivate. We aim at guiding students to fully experience traditional Chinese culture in a friendly and relaxed environment. Chinese classical dancing and Mandarin are the main courses with other classes on the curriculum including: Chinese chess, Chinese Calligraphy, Origami, Chinese knot weaving, sewing, cooking and tours of the local art and cultural institutions. During these sessions, they will enjoy the magnificent historical yet international academic city. These tours also include a painting workshop that builds on the visit to an art Museum.


On Sunday, students visit the beautiful Colleges, led by a member of the University of Cambridge, and they will punt on the picturesque river Cam, crossed by many famous bridges such as the Mathematical Bridge designed by Isaac Newton.


夏令營課程寓教於樂,旨在輕鬆愉快的環境下引導營員體驗中國傳統文化。 中國古典舞、中文為主導課程,其它輔助課程還有藝術、中國象棋、書法、剪紙、折紙、中國結製作、縫衣、烹飪等。



Main Courses Introduction主要課程介紹


Classical Chinese dance 中国古典舞


Originating from 5000 years of divine culture, Chinese Classic Dancing has a set of systematic theories and practices. Many modern gymnastic moves and martial arts techniques derive from Chinese classic dancing.

We have especially invited two internationally recognized Chinese classical dance teachers who are skilled at simplifying highly sophisticated dance movements, to ensure students can grasp the essentials of Chinese classical dance.

The dance tutors utilise ancient Chinese cultural concepts within their teaching methods to uplift the students’ spirits and increase their ability to appreciate the dance. 












Mandarin  Studies 中文學習

We would like to invite you to learn Mandarin because it is one of the oldest hieroglyphic languages containing rich and profound meanings. During the summer camp we will be teaching both the language and its Calligraphy: a unique artistic genre precisely derived from Chinese characters. The camp’s Chinese teachers are professionals who intend to create a carefree and joyful atmosphere with slide shows and cartoons. They guide pupils to study stories of classic idioms, poems of Tang and Song Dynasties, and interpret traditional values and meanings contained in Chinese traditional culture.

中文是世界上最古老的文化,內涵博大精深。 夏令營的中文教師由專業中文教師擔任。除傳統教學形式外, 他們還會結合放映生動活潑的多媒體動畫片等,在輕鬆的氛圍中引導學生學習中國經典、成語故事、唐詩宋詞、歷史傳奇等,並深入淺出地講解其背後的傳統價值理念和文化內涵。

Ms. Cecilia Xiong, our dance teacher, was Lead Dancer for a renowned classical Chinese dance company, from 2006 to 2010. She has toured the globe and performed before millions of people in some of the worlds most prestigious theatres. From 2010 to 2017 she was dance program director and Artistic Director at Xian Yun Academy of the Arts California where she remains an active board member.

Cecilia now resides in Toronto and is the Artistic Director at Clearview School for the Arts and Culture. With her passion for classical Chinese dance and traditional Chinese culture, Cecilia continues to bring wonderful, fun and educational classes and programs to people of all ages wherever she goes.