London Chinese Summer Camp 2018

London Chinese Summer Camp



The ancient poets were full of innocence and enthusiasm.  Poetry from Tang dynasty is a Art form, a way to explore the world in a fun way. Children can not only experience the beauty of literature from reading Tang poems, but they can also be entertained at the same time.


The book “Di Zi Gui” is one of the best textbooks for educating children. We will use children's plays to illustrate this well-known book and guide children to learn etiquette, diligence, love, filial piety, etc.


De Yin School has also prepared many lessons for children that are conducive to physical and mental development: Under the accompany of soothing Chinese classical music, children can enjoy calligraphy, chess, abacus, other elegant courses and outdoor activities.



你發現了嗎?古代的大詩人其實都童心滿滿的。孩子們學唐詩不僅可以體驗到文學的美妙,唐詩還是一種藝術,更是一種樂趣,所以是一舉三得的事情。 《弟子規》這本書更是眾所周知的成長教育的最佳教材之一,我們會用兒童劇的方式引導孩子學習禮儀,勤奮,友愛,孝順,等等美德。 德音學校還為孩子們準備了許多有利於身心健康成長的課程:在舒緩的古典音樂的陪伴下,孩子們可以享受書法,象棋,算盤等開智開慧的優雅課程。當然還有一些好玩的戶外遊戲。 讓孩子過一個黃金假期。



We would like to welcome you to join us for the annual Chinese Summer Camp, where we learn


Chinese, Poetry, Chess, Abacus, Calligraphy.




5-12 years

(Divided into different classes according to age)


Time: 9:30-15:30

Fee: £150/week

(20% discount for children who attend school in Islington)


Week 1: Mon-Fri 23 July - 27 July 2018

Week 2: Mon-Fri 13 Aug - 17 Aug 2018

Week 3: Mon-Fri 20 Aug - 24 Aug 2018

Week 4: Mon-Fri 27 Aug - 31 Aug 2018


£20 discount if you register for 2 week or more

Earliest Drop off 9:00, latest collection 16:00, £50 per week




Mandarin courses
Sep 08, 2018, 12:00 PM
St Mary Magdalene Academy,
475 Liverpool Rd, London N7 8PG, UK

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