Cambridge Chinese Summer Camp 2018

Parkside Community College, Cambridge, CB1 1EH

Cambridge, Chinese Traditional Culture & Arts

劍橋: 中國文化藝術之夏


De Yin Summer School is located in central Cambridge, home to the University of Cambridge, one of the top ranking universities in the world. Cambridge has produced around 100 Nobel prize winners, including Sir Isaac Newton. Cambridge is a culturally-rich city which not only inspires academic achievement but also offers recreations like rowing and punting, May Balls and formal dinners to name just a few. This cutting edge University town is not just equipped with the finest old and new buildings but also fosters a vibrant cultural scene. In Cambridge you will enjoy engaging with the arts and culture irrespective of your interests. There is an institution for every field: the newly refurbished Kettle’s Yard Museum and Gallery, the delightful Botanic Gardens, the Fitzwilliam Museum, The Whipple Museum of the History of Science, the Museum of Zoology, the Scott Polar Museum, the Museum of Anthropology…the list goes on!


德音夏令營校址位於英國劍橋市中心,是世界頂級名校劍橋大學所在地。 這裏孕育了90多位諾貝爾獎獲得者,誕生過牛頓、霍金等科學巨匠,是世界各地莘莘學子的學術朝聖之地。劍橋這座文化氣息濃郁的城市不僅推動了學術的發展,各種娛樂活動也很豐富,如劍河撐篙、五月舞會和正式晚餐等。還有動物園、博物館和植物園等,也是獨具特色。國王學院的禮拜堂也是劍橋的榮耀之一,被公認是全歐洲最精緻的哥德式建築,而教堂唱詩班每年吟唱的聖誕頌歌,更是傳遍世界各角落。

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Main Courses Introduction主要課程介紹


Courses are designed to motivate. We aim at guiding students to fully experience traditional Chinese culture in a friendly and relaxed environment. Chinese classical dancing and Mandarin are the main courses with other classes on the curriculum including: Chinese chess, Chinese Calligraphy, Origami, Chinese knot weaving, sewing, cooking and tours of the local art and cultural institutions. During these sessions, they will enjoy the magnificent historical yet international academic city. These tours also include a painting workshop that builds on the visit to an art Museum.


On Sunday, students visit the beautiful Colleges, led by a member of the University of Cambridge, and they will punt on the picturesque river Cam, crossed by many famous bridges such as the Mathematical Bridge designed by Isaac Newton.


夏令營課程寓教於樂,旨在輕鬆愉快的環境下引導營員體驗中國傳統文化。 中國古典舞、中文為主導課程,其它輔助課程還有藝術、中國象棋、書法、剪紙、折紙、中國結製作、縫衣、烹飪等。



Classical Chinese dance 中国古典舞


Originating from 5000 years of divine culture, Chinese Classic Dancing has a set of systematic theories and practices. Many modern gymnastic moves and martial arts techniques derive from Chinese classic dancing.

We have especially invited two internationally recognized Chinese classical dance teachers who are skilled at simplifying highly sophisticated dance movements, to ensure students can grasp the essentials of Chinese classical dance.

The dance tutors utilise ancient Chinese cultural concepts within their teaching methods to uplift the students’ spirits and increase their ability to appreciate the dance. 








Mandarin  Studies 中文學習

We would like to invite you to learn Mandarin because it is one of the oldest hieroglyphic languages containing rich and profound meanings. During the summer camp we will be teaching both the language and its Calligraphy: a unique artistic genre precisely derived from Chinese characters. The camp’s Chinese teachers are professionals who intend to create a carefree and joyful atmosphere with slide shows and cartoons. They guide pupils to study stories of classic idioms, poems of Tang and Song Dynasties, and interpret traditional values and meanings contained in Chinese traditional culture.


中文是世界上最古老的文化,內涵博大精深。 夏令營的中文教師由專業中文教師擔任。除傳統教學形式外, 他們還會結合放映生動活潑的多媒體動畫片等,在輕鬆的氛圍中引導學生學習中國經典、成語故事、唐詩宋詞、歷史傳奇等,並深入淺出地講解其背後的傳統價值理念和文化內涵。




Ms. Cecilia Xiong, our dance teacher, was Lead Dancer for a renowned classical Chinese dance company, from 2006 to 2010. She has toured the globe and performed before millions of people in some of the worlds most prestigious theatres. From 2010 to 2017 she was dance program director and Artistic Director at Xian Yun Academy of the Arts California where she remains an active board member.

Cecilia now resides in Toronto and is the Artistic Director at Clearview School for the Arts and Culture. With her passion for classical Chinese dance and traditional Chinese culture, Cecilia continues to bring wonderful, fun and educational classes and programs to people of all ages wherever she goes.





The summer school is for anyone, male or female, 7 years old and above who:



  • Is keen on learning ancient Chinese philosophy, and wishes to cultivate his/her mind and spirit.

  • Is open to cultural experiences where the arts are in harmony with nature, which in turn includes mankind.

  • Likes to meet others who share the same interests.

  • Appreciates Queen’s English, and wishes to improve bilingual skills.

  • Wishes to build up friendship with students from Cambridge and overseas with different backgrounds, and enjoy the world's top elite college atmosphere while finding new ways to experience Chinese traditional culture.

  • Would like to be a member of custom-made teams and learn more about sharing resources, working together, and to develop responsibility and leadership!

  • 渴望和志趣相投的人一起學習古老的中國文化、陶冶精神,體驗天人合一 的文化藝術氛圍。

  • 浸染在純正的英式英語和中文環境中、擴充視野、提高中英文水準以及全方位的能力、和劍橋及英國的優秀少年兒童結為好友,並一同感受濃郁的世界頂級名校的學院氛圍。

  • 特別設計的團隊活動幫助營員樹立團隊精神、相互幫助、培養領導才能。




International Students Welcome 歡迎國際學生參與


International students are welcome to join. We hope that their parents enjoy a great time with their children in Cambridge. International students are welcome to the same tuition fees and food benefits as the domestic students. We have booked family rooms at a 3-star hotel for International students and their parents. Children can spend quality time with local Cambridge students during the day and enjoy family fun with their families after school.



The distance between the hotel and the school is short: just 15 minutes walk, or you may take the bus departing every 15 minutes, which has a stop at the school.


Accommodation is located at Newmarket Travelodge, 180-190 Newmarket Road, Cambridge,
Cambridgeshire, CB5 8HF, United Kingdom (Sat nav postcode: CB1 3EP)


Carrying items:

  1. School supplies: white short-sleeved sweatshirt 2, black leggings 2, a pair of black dance shoes.Pencils, sketchbooks, rubber, brushes, school bag

  2. Personal items: change clothes (at least four sets) Name stickers, umbrellas, sports shoes, indoor slippers, the number of racks

  3. Personal toiletries: mouth cup, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner

  4. Personal tableware: spoons, chopsticks, forks, bowls (diameter of about 15cm), personal drinking cups or water bottles

  5. Accompanied by Chinese parents please bring rice cookers, steamer, soup pot, spatula, chopsticks and other cooking utensils.



  1. 上課用品:白色短袖汗衫2件,黑色緊腿褲2條,黑色舞蹈鞋一雙。铅笔,蜡笔,彩⾊笔,素描本 書包

  2. 個人用品:換洗衣物(最少四套)姓名貼、雨傘、運動鞋、室內拖鞋、衣架數支

  3. 個人洗漱用品:漱口杯、牙膏、牙刷、沐浴露、洗髮水、護髮素

  4. 個人餐具:湯匙、筷子、叉子、碗(直徑約15cm)、個人飲水杯或水壺

  5. 陪伴的中國家長請帶電飯煲、蒸鍋、湯鍋、鍋鏟、筷子等炊具。



Travelodge Hotel - Cambridge Newmarket Road

address地址: 180-190 Newmarket Rd, Cambridge CB5 8HF

Check-in time start from 3pm; Check-out time before 12 noon



Parking 停車

Very limited parking is available at this hotel and we therefore recommend that guests park at the nearby Grafton Centre. The limited parking at this hotel is on a first come first served basis and can be accessed via Harvest Way; charges are £6 for 24 hours.

Please note that parking wardens are active in this area and we respectfully ask that guests please do not park anywhere other than in designated parking areas, and not in nearby residential areas, over cycle lanes, or on double yellow lines. 

Parking is available nearby at the Grafton Centre, only 0.4 miles away from our hotel. Follow signs for Grafton East Car Park, East Road, CB1 1PS, or for Grafton West Car Park, Fitzroy Lane, off Maids Causeway, CB1 1HE. Charges for both car parks as follows:

Evenings and overnight: 5pm: 1 hr - 0.80p; 2 hrs - £1.60; 3 hrs - £2.40; 4 hrs - £3.20; 5 hrs - £4; Over 5 hrs - £0.80p per additional hour.
Daytime: Mon - Fri, 7am - 5pm (inc Bank Holidays): 1 hr - £2.10; 2 hrs - £3.60; 3 hrs - £5.60; 4 hrs - £9.20; 5 hrs - £17.00; Over 5 hrs - £24.00.
Saturday: 9am to 5pm: 1 hr - £2.30; 2 hrs - £4.40; 3 hrs - £6.20;4 hrs - £10.50; 5 hrs - £18.00; Over 5 hrs - £24.00.
Sunday: 10am to 5pm: 1 hr - £2.00; 2 hrs - £4.00; 3 hrs - £6.00; 4 hrs - £8.00; 5 hrs - £10.00; 5 hrs - £2 per additional hour.

Journey Information 劍橋


从stansted 機場如何到達劍橋

1. BY TRAIN 坐⽕車



價格:來回⽕車票:14.80 英鎊或以上



2. BY COACH 坐汽車



價格:來回⼤巴票:7.70 英鎊




Cambridge Coach Station劍橋⼤巴車站

Address: Inspectors Office, Parkside Cambridge CB1 1PN

Cambridge Railway Station劍橋⽕車站

Address: Station Road CB1 2JW.