Welcome from the Headteacher,

We founded De Yin School in January 2015 with the aim of helping students to develop and fulfil their potential. The School provides a safe and facilitating environment which encourages students to flourish.


Our mission is to prepare students for lifelong success and to foster motivation, creativity and confidence both in the classroom and in the world outside. We treat every student as an individual and strive to tailor teaching to the need of the individual learner. We achieve this in part by having small classes of around ten pupils to allow each one to receive as much attention as possible from the teacher.


We recognise the importance of the bond between the parent and child and not only allow but encourage parents of children under 7 to take part in class activities with their children. We also hope that this will lead to a continuation of such activities at home to consolidate the lessons learnt in the classroom.


​​Rosie Shurong
​Head of School

Our Philosophy


We believe that each student is unique with great potential.

By providing the right positive environment and teaching we aspire to help pupils to realise not just their intellectual capacity but their social and emotional development too.

Our Values

 We foster our principles of compassion and inclusion through a culture in which empathy, respect, trust, and courage are explicitly and implicitly taught.  We want every voice to be valued and everyone empowered to be the best that he or she can be.

Listening to children and encouraging dialogue and debate will be central to our whole school approach. We aim to develop mixed-age circle meetings throughout the school where every member of the community can contribute their views, trusting that their voice will be heard.